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We've all been there at the grill. Who else has ever used a little bit too much accelerant and caused a lovely display of fire?

#GrillPerks #Grilling #GrillingMistakes
Fresh cut grass, the lingering smell of freshly grilled #BUBBAburgers - is there anything better than the smells of grilling? #GrillPerks #Grilling
Need a quick and easy side dish to throw on the grill today? Corn, corn, and more corn!

Peel the husks back on some fresh corn, clean the corn silk off the corn, wash the corn, put the husks back over the corn, and let sit in water for 15 minutes!

What does this do? It ensures there's less of a chance to burn your corn, and the water steams the corn as it grills! Thank us later. ;)

#GrillPerks #Grilling
Grilling is just perfect. The smell, the sizzling sounds, the joy on people's faces as they eat! 

Sign up at GrillPerks.com because we have EXCITING things coming up VERY soon! #GrillPerks #Grilling
Burgers or hot dogs - which do you prefer to grill? #GrillPerks #Grilling
Who got some grilling done this weekend? What did you grill?

#BUBBAburger #ElYucateco #GrillPerks #Grilling

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You can use spices and seasonings to add flavor and color to your grilled foods. There are two different kinds of rubs, dry and wet. Dry rubs are made of spices and herbs, which you can sprinkle on the meat … Continued

Searing – The Secret to the Perfect Steak

Let me start out this section by saying that, for me, the perfect steak is medium-rare. To cook a steak to well done is an unforgivable sin. That being said, if you want your steak well done, then don’t use … Continued

Foodie Tips & Tricks

Whether you use charcoal or a gas grill, there are specific tips you need to know that will make everything taste better. These can seriously up your game and polish your Pro status. Follow them, and you will be forever … Continued

Build Your Fire

Before you can become a true Grill Master, you need to know how to build a really good fire. The fire is the heart of the grilling process. Without a proper fire, you’ll always be fighting inconsistent results. Even if … Continued

Brush Up Your Basics

Grilling, like any other kind of cooking, is a learned art. Keep this in mind as you’re getting started. Sometimes things won’t come out how you planned, but keep going! Getting a feel for your grill and the flame is … Continued


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