Totcho Burgers

I love working tater tots into any meal and on a burger they especially shine. I love using the guacamole on top of the burger to anchor the tots, and then pouring cheese sauce on top to really seal the … Continued

Cheeseburger Stuffed Peppers

These peppers have all of my favorite things about a burger inside them! Meat! Cheese! Tomato! Pickles! I debated saving some time by putting the burgers into the peppers raw, but searing the burgers first not only softens them to … Continued

Mushroom Bun Burger

Two large Portobello mushrooms can serve as a gluten-free burger bun for any type of burger! I kept it simple with classic burger toppings, but feel free to make this your own. I like to add a few sesame seeds … Continued

Jalapeno Popper Burgers

Store bought or restaurant jalapeno poppers are usually filled with cream cheese, breaded and fried, whereas most homemade versions are wrapped in bacon and filled with jack cheese. I tried to combine both versions into this tasty jalapeno popper burger. … Continued

Gyro Bowls

A traditional gyro is made by mixing meat and spices on a large vertical spit that spins and cooks slowly as the juices drip down marinating the meat as it cooks. To recreate this idea on a burger, I coated … Continued

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