Caprese Burger

This burger is THE perfect use of all those summer-garden goodies, especially for any vegetarian barbecue guests. It’s so insanely simple and fresh, even the meat-eaters will love it, and you’ll love how quickly it comes together! Here’s what you’ll … Continued

Greek Patty Melt

I love a good patty melt- always have. It’s like a grilled cheese and a burger had a baby, and truly, what could possibly be wrong with that? I adore the Greek twist here to add intrigue and layers of fresh … Continued

Turkey Parmesan Burger Bowl

I love a good burger, In fact, eight times out of 10, I’m known to order one during lunches out. But, sometimes, I’m just not feelin’ the bun – not because I’m afraid of carbs (never met a carb I … Continued

Veggie Crunchwrap

As many teenagers do, I went through a Taco Bell phase in high school. Anytime I knew my Dad wasn’t planning on making dinner, I’d swing through and grab a chalupa or two and savor the flavor. I’ve long since … Continued

Waffle Brunch Burger

This is the burger I make a lot on the weekends when I have leftover waffles, which, in case you didn’t already know, make the most deeelightful buns! This is totally restaurant-quality, but also super simple to throw together. Here’s … Continued

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